Soaring Solar is a New Jersey business that started as an initiative to aid homeowners with their monthly electric bills. Founded by a former Air Force professional, it has been actively helping state and federal governments achieve their clean energy goals. Our solar consultants evaluate individual needs to develop a plan that saves money and makes the earth a greener place.


Aside from being a family focused company, Soaring Solar focuses its’ mission on providing clear communication, friendly customer service, and products that last a lifetime.

Soaring Solar utilizes panels that guarantee a 25 year output of electricity.

This means that despite weather events, or other adverse conditions, that your system is still effective and will lower your monthly cost.

We also offer tree removal and new roof options that can be built into your solar plan to optimize production and maximize savings.

Soaring Solar consultants do this because we feel strongly in making the benefits offered by the government and by going solar work for our families we serve.

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